This two-hour, complimentary webinar is an interactive professional development workshop that will show Georgia’s K-12 educators how to help their students harness the power of Intellectual Property (IP) in turning their ideas and dreams into reality. Educators will learn methods for teaching IP in a fun, engaging manner that encourages students to take ownership of their ideas and discover the fascinating ways their imaginations can be used to benefit themselves, their communities, and our world. This session will provide educators with ideas on how to seamlessly integrate IP into their lessons, helping students gain a better understanding of what IP is and how it can be used to protect their ideas as they grow into young innovators. Educators may also benefit personally from the information presented in this webinar as they learn how to protect and even monetize their own creative ideas.

Learner Outcomes

Attendees will learn:

  • How to protect and monetize ideas with intellectual property
  • Methods for seamlessly integrating IP teaching into existing STEM and other creativity-focused lessons
  • Ideas for helping and inspiring K-12 students to adopt an innovation mindset as a way of benefiting themselves and others
  • The critical role intellectual property plays in the US economy and the future of our country
  • How the Georgia Intellectual Property Alliance (GIPA) is partnering with the Georgia Department of Education to provide valuable resources to educators in support of this important cause


The webinar is open to all Georgia educators and administrators interested in learning more about the benefits of invention education and bringing Intellectual Property topics into the K-12 classroom.

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